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Welcome to the Southern California Wushu Academy (formerly Southern California Wushu Association) website. We are a wushu school in Garden Grove, California that teaches Chinese martial arts focusing on contemporary competitive forms. The core curriculum of the school are the events of the International Wushu Federation that include: Long Fist (Changquan), Southern Fist (Nanquan), Straight sword (Jianshu), Broadsword (Daoshu), Southern Broadsword (Nandao) Spear (Qiangshu), Staff (Gunshu), Southern Staff (Nangun).

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In November of 2003, the IWF approved new standards for international competition starting in 2005 based on individual routines with a selection of compulsory difficulties. We teach both these new style of individual routines in addition to the old compulsory forms. In addition, we teach optional weapons, tradtional empty hand styles and also have classes for Taijiquan. We invite you to look through our site to see how the school stared, learn more about our team, get upcoming demonstration and competition information, visit some of our friends’ sites, and chat with us at our forum. If you have more questions contact us Thanks for stopping.